HJMT Placement: Midwest Golfing Magazine

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HJMT Placement: Midwest Golfing Magazine

HJMT worked with IceWorks and developed a strategy to target publications to promote the ice pack. We were successful in achieving placements, including one in Midwest Golfing Magazine.

Midwest Golfing Magazine (circ. 60,000), provides its readers with information about golf in the Midwest with the intent of helping to promote the business of golf. Each issue contains golf news, profiles of notable golfers, tournament coverage, golf destination features, course reviews and information on golf equipment.




Here is an excerpt from the article and a link: (http://www.midwestgolfingmagazine.com/iceworks-ice-pack-offers-remarkable-relief-for-back-pain-sufferers/.)

It’s as inevitable as death and taxes – if you are a golfer it’s a safe bet you have felt lower back pain at sometime in your life. The staff at MGM have used numerous portable ice packs to cure our ills with minimal success… until now!

A new product has just hit the scene called IceWorks, which offers ergo-compression, reusability, and the ability to stay cold for hours. Guaranteed to last for three years, IceWorks provides optimum comfort to the body and provides even pressure to the intended areas. You can put this product directly on the skin without a towel and it won’t cause freezer burn.