HJMT Placement: Databox

HJMT Placement: Databox

As video marketing explodes in popularity, Databox reached out to several marketers to learn about the tactics they used to set themselves apart. HJMT was one of the digital agencies that Databox approached and we were excited to share our findings. We decided to discuss our Glasslandia series since we had more than 40,000 unique views and the series was well-received in the media. 

Here’s why we thought the Glasslandia video worked well:

“It was the first of its kind, a reality show using the Google Glass. I became a Google Glass Explorer in July of 2013 and tried to think of strategies to use Glass to promote our clients at HJMT Public Relations, Inc. Through Glass, you can watch me scramble as my life takes unexpected twists and turns and see how I navigate through the life of being a small business owner. Glasslandia is a work of art that we pieced together using real video from a production company and video produced through Glass. Glasslandia shared a different point of view.” 

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