HJMT Placement: Manufacturing.net

reading a magazine

NYBB was a leading M&A advisory firm. They approached HJMT because they needed help gaining visibility and awareness in specific industries that aligned with the firm’s specialities.

HJMT worked with each partner to decipher what verticals to target. HJMT developed a custom list of trade publications within the desired business categories. We then, crafted an intriguing pitch offering interviews and/or a bylined article penned by one of the partners.

As a result of HJMT’s efforts, Anthony Citrolo was asked to contribute to Manufacturing.net. NYBB was able to reach almost 200,000 unique visitors per month within the manufacturing field due to this placement.


“Baby boomers who own a business in the manufacturing industry can benefit from learning more about selling, buying, and merging. Preparing a viable exit strategy ahead of time can help these business owners maximize the value available for their manufacturing enterprise. Delving deeper into industry insights and best practices is how many baby boomers realize a greater return on their investment into the manufacturing business.”

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