HJMT CEO Interviewed in Newsday

Hilary Topper

Did you know that 1 billion people use Instagram with 500 million of them using it every single day?!

That’s a lot of people!

Although 59 percent of Instagram’s users are 30-years-old and younger, the popular photo and video sharing social media platform isn’t just for millennials.

Hilary was recently interviewed by Newsday for an article about the 50-plus crowd on Instagram and how the demographic can benefit, especially as it pertains to doing business.

Hilary Topper appeared in Newsday as an expert in Instagram Marketing

An excerpt from the article: “Though Instagram is often just used for fun and frivolous endeavors, it’s also a great platform for promoting business, said Hilary Topper, founder of Social Media Association and chief executive of HJMT Public Relations in Long Beach.

“People who follow you will see your posts, and if you use hashtags and if you use specific hashtags that have a certain amount of people following those hashtags, other people, other than the people who just follow you, will also see those hashtags,” Topper said.

If you add the name of the town of your business in a hashtag, for instance, “People are more likely to see it who are more geocentric.”

For an HJMT client with a catering business, Topper said, they not only target consumers through Instagram, but they’ll include event planners’ hashtags to drum up business.

With a little research, Topper advised, business owners can search for Instagram ambassadors: people who write specifically about a business area.

“It does have a younger demographic, but it’s great for older people in business,” she said.

To read the full story, click here: https://www.newsday.com/lifestyle/retirement/instagram-for-the-50-plus-crowd-1.22036726