How to Brand Yourself in a Digital World

hilary topper branding in a digital world

New year, new you? This year, is one of your goals to find a new job? Or maybe you’re a business owner and your goal is to stand out from your competition and take your company to the next level. Perhaps you want to take your passion and turn it into profit.

Whatever your 2020 goal, Hilary Topper’s newly released book, Branding in a Digital World – How to Take an Integrated Marketing Approach to Building a Business will help you get there!

Listen to this special edition of Hilary Topper on Air, where Lisa Gordon, Executive VP of HJMT Public Relations Inc., interviews Hilary and asks her why she wanted to write this book, what readers can expect to find, who the book is for, and the resources available to help brand yourself or your business in today’s digital landscape.

Hear from Hilary as she discusses how she first came up with the idea and the writing and editing process along the way. Learn key business takeaways and about the various chapters and elements covered in the book. Walk away with a secret or two from Hilary’s past and her start in Public Relations!

To listen to the interview, click here. To purchase Branding in a Digital World, click here.